Thursday, January 13, 2011

Project: Cute Octopus Pattern

In celebration of my blog reaching over 1,000 page views, I wanted to offer all of you an honest-to-goodness, genuine sewing pattern!

Vampyroteuthis infernalis, Nerdopus, & the cute octopus

This pattern is made by me, but it is lovingly based on my finger puppet "Maurice" who was tragically lost/killed this summer under mysterious circumstances.  The prime suspect in his disappearance is my boyfriend.  Unfortunately no evidence tying him to the crime has emerged, making this theory mere speculation and the case remains open. If you have any information leading to the recovery of Maurice, please contact me and receive the $10,000* reward! (*in Monopoly money)

In Memorium: Maurice, 2007-2010

Anyway, you'll find that this pattern yields a little buddy quite a bit larger than a finger puppet and is large enough to keep you company on your couch or to snuggle with in bed. You'll also notice that it's really a quadropus, so you'll have to use your imagination to double his legs.

As you can see from my versions of this project, the pattern is pretty basic, but very versatile, letting you make a little octopus friend with any personality you like.  They aren't too hard either, the toughest part is turning the feet. Have fun making a bunch of different octopuses...octopi...octopodes(?) to enjoy for yourself or to give to friends!

If you make one, please comment and link to your project!  I'd love to see them!

Please be aware of the licensing restrictions on this pattern, please do not use it to make money, if you share it with others, please give me credit and link back to this blog, and if you make any derivative patterns based on this one, please make them available for free to everyone.  Thank you!

Download and print the pattern centered at 100%, no page scaling.  
(Hint: Print the last page first and measure the test square to ensure that the pattern is printing at the proper size.)

EDIT: This is my first pattern so please be patient with me! I've noticed that it isn't clear which side of the sucker piece goes toward the end of the foot, its the pointy side.  Just remember, the pointy side of the sucker piece goes to the point of the foot. Thanks guys!

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  1. Octopode or octopuses is correct :)

    They are so cute I was tempted to use all capital letters to emphasize this :D They'd make great gifts!

  2. Precious! I think I'm going to try making one, but adding in the second 4 legs so that it has the correct number. :) I'm all about accuracy when it comes to these sort of things. ;)

  3. Just letting you know that you've been featured on Simply Step Back. Stop over and grab a feature button!

  4. O gosh! This is so darling. I love the one with the frames. So stinkin cute. I was searching for cute octopus things just to see what people are making. This is one of my favorites, for sure. I a couple octopus headbands in my etsy shop.

    <3 Jenna