Thursday, January 6, 2011

Project: Extra Soft Pillowcases

 My mom started making my brother and I personal pillowcases every year for Christmas when we were kids.  We'd always have one rolled up in the bottom of our stocking.  Even though we are adults now, we still request "soffie" pillowcases from mom, and my boyfriend has even gotten super excited about them and asked for a monkey one for christmas, how cute!

L to R: Barnaby (pattern by Aranzi Aronzo), Quigley (by Me), Rico (gift, by my cousin Olivia), Pandoctopus (gift from my brother, by Love and a Sandwich), Bunbury (pattern by Aranzi Aronzo), Octopus (by Me)

They are really easy to make and are super soft.  Unfortunately, as my brother and I have observed, as the age they get softer and softer and only reach their peak softness just before they self-destruct, i.e. rip.  So enjoy them while you can, but I bet you'll have zillions of happy naps on your before the inevitable occurs!

  • 1 yard cotton flannel (the polyester stuff is YUCK, don't get it)
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Pillow

  1. Fold fabric in half, wrong side out, selvage to selvage. (Tip: the selvage is the uncut edges of the fabric)
  2. Sew down the side and one end of the fabric with a normal 5/8 in. or 1cm seam. You should now have an inside-out, ruimentary pillowcase on your hands.
  3. Turn under the open, raw edge an inch or so.
  4. Now fold down the raw edge until the pillowcase is the length you want. You can use a store-bought pillowcase as a guide.
  5. Use a fancy stitch or a zig-zag to sew around the edge of the folded down part.
  6. Flip right side out, wash, insert pillow...
  7. And have some sweet dreams!