Tuesday, February 1, 2011

30 for 30

 I'm participating in Kendi's 30 for 30 Challenge!

The rules are that you pick out 30 pieces of clothing (tops, bottoms, shoes, but not including accessories or winter coats) and then mix and match them to make 30 different outfits.  The whole point of the challenge is to be thankful for what you have and to learn how to dress creatively even with a limited closet.

Just as a warning, I'm probably going to cheat, my Steve Madden Intyce boots have been backordered and so they will be arriving sometime this next month.  I don't care about the challenge, I'm wearing them!!!

I also want to add a crafty element to the challenge, so I'm tagging on to the rules that can wear anything I make. I'm trying to use up some stash fabric and half-finished projects, but I will promise that I won't buy anything new to make anything.

Right now I only have 28 items picked out, but I kind of like having the option to add something incase I need it, especially because this is my first time remixing.

4 Skirts
 Black Mini (GAP $5, outlet), Grey Pencil (GAP $2, outlet), Gold Cord Mini (Old Navy, $7 eBay), Purple Wool (Thrifted and hemmed, $1)
3 Pants
Black Flare (GAP $11, outlet), Jeans (Levis $21), Striped Skinnies (H&M London, £15)
3 Jackets
Black Blazer (Old Navy $4), Houndstooth (George Thrifted $1.50), Denim Jacket (Lee $4 outlet)
3 Sweaters
Red Grandpa Cardi (Walmart $6), Navy Batwing Cardi (JCPenney $8), White Bauble Cardi (TJ Maxx, gift)
4 Blouses
Grey Ruffle (Old Navy $3), Patterned Bow neck (Maurice's $6), White Swiss Dot (Kohls, gift) Black Bow Neck (Old Navy, $5)
6 Knit Tops
White Long Sleeve V Neck (Gap Thrifted $4), Wave Stripe Tee (Forever 21 $15), Blue Ruffle Tee (Kohls, $3) Grey Tee (Old Navy, $3), Black Turtleneck (Walmart, $6), Striped Tee (Kohls, $6)
2 Dresses
Patterned Dress (Old Navy, $5), Strapless Dress (Gap Thrifted $4)
2 Pairs of Heels
Black Mary Janes (Payless, $15 bogo), Brown Wedges (Payless $6?)
1 Pair of Boots (for now)
Black Short Boots (Payless, $15? bogo)

I didn't include my winter boots (but they still might make an appearance) or some nice leather boots my mom got me while she was in Argentina (because they aren't weather proofed).  I also have another pair of brown shoes I was debating about and a blue ruffled shirt from the Gap that I thrifted... good thing I have 2 spaces left!

Let the remixing begin! 

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