Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 1: And now the story begins to unravel...

Day UNO! So far this outfit thing ain't so hard...a lot less hard than taking pictures of myself. Haha.  The biggest bummer of today, other than having it blizzard outside, is that I've already got a hole in my new tights!!! I hope they don't unravel before 30 for 30 is over...yikes.

[[Scarf (Florence Street Market 6), Denim Jacket (Lee $4 outlet), Striped Tee (Kohls, $6), Gold Cord Mini (Old Navy, $7 eBay), Tights (Kohl's $6), Brown Wedges (Payless $6?)]]


  1. LOVE those blue tights... hello Kohls, i'm on my way :)

  2. Make sure to get a size up! At least in the Apt. 9 brand, they run kind of small (I know from experience!).