Thursday, February 10, 2011

Project: Bouncing Belly Button

Backstory: When I was little I had a little toy mouse that I got in a gumball machine, you know the ones that you out a quarter in, turn the crank, and a little plastic capsule comes out? (Back in my day, you actually got good stuff from those.) Anyway, he was a little gray mouse with black ears, and a black string tail, but he had no legs! That's why I named him "Bouncing Belly-button" because that was the only way he could get around.  I loved him for a long time, he was the perfect size to fit in your pocket or hold in your hand, but one day he got lost at my grandpa's house and I never saw him again...

This little mouse is based on my memory of BBB. He's all handsewn and works up in about one episode of Burn Notice (I know this from experience).  He's super fun for humans to play with but I bet if he was a little smaller cats would love to play with him too! (p.s. his name is Mr. Sniffles)  He's got no tail at the moment because I didn't have anything suitable in my craft room!

So whatddya think?  Would you want the pattern for this little guy?  Would you make one?


  1. I'd definitely make one of these, you could really change them up too with different fabrics, eye lashes, pink cheeks, lips, r just keep them super simple and adorable as is. Love this project.