Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Want: This Dress

 UPDATE: I BOUGHT IT. Shame on me.

How adorable is this dress at Forever21?  I've been lusting after it since it showed up in their lookbook over a month ago, I even scoured the giant F21 in Madison to find it with no avail.  It hasn't even appeared for purchase on their website until today.

But my beef with it is: why is it so SHORT?  Is showing your bum the cool thing now-a-days? For $20 I would definitely buy it (my philosophy is that buying something is SOOO much easier than making it, so if the cost of a finished garment is only slightly more than the materials to make it, it's worth purchasing) BUT I'm afraid my butt would stick out.  After all this waiting and wishing and wanting I guess I won't buy it afterall. I'll just save the picture and hope to get up the ambition to make a longer-length look-a-like!

(p.s. If anyone feels the urge to buy it FOR me, I'm not refusing! ;-) I could make it work!)

Does anyone else "window shop" at various online stores and save pictures of all the stuff that you think/wish you could make?  I do it so much I think that I'm starting my own database!


  1. Hm, well if you bought it, maybe you could add some lace trim to it or something? That would be a cute look! Or make a slip to go under it, that would be really versatile!

    And yes, I window shop, too: Anthropologie, Free People (sometimes), and Modcloth. I have over 60 MB of inspiration images, and when you consider that individual files are 25-100 KB...

  2. You could add another longer layer underneath.

  3. I actually have done that with store windows recently, to help get ideas to decorate my apartment.

    A pair of cute patterned tights would look adorable under that dress...

  4. ok, ok, I bought it. We'll see what it looks like when it gets here. I wasn't super tempted by any of F21's tights, but that's an option, or maybe I'll make some kind of half-slip petticoat to go under it...

  5. Tights are on super sale at Gap right now, if you are interested.

    Also, I can't wait to see how you pair this with other accessories!