Friday, June 24, 2011

Adventure Time Week: Inch Worm

And here is the last guy I made from the credits (yeah, I know there are butterflies too, but they are lame)


To make the pattern I did a really small version of the mouse pattern (for the head) and added a shank to make it a lightbulb shape, and then added stripes that I had sewn into a cylinder. Adding the face at the end.

I wish I would have had some wire on hand to stick inside to make him poseable, oh well, maybe next time! He can still inch around if you puppet it!

Tomorrow you'll get to see my version of the "the most evil thing in the world" of Ooo! (Any guesses on who it is?)


  1. Adorable I can just imagine it slinking across the screen in some stop motion antics!

  2. Oops that comment was me, still having to leave comments as anonymous then add my details grrrrr blogger!