Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hair Tips: From a Hair Dummy

My super awesome braid skillz.

Ok, I've never been great at styling my hair. I can do a ponytail and french braids, but ask me to do an up-do and I'm lost.  Lucky for me my mom, and quite a few of my friends in HS and college, would do my hair for special events and stuff, but now that I'm an adult I need to have a few tricks that I can do myself, unless my boyfriend is willing to learn the art of hair design.

Recently I've been enjoying two little tricks and if you are a hair dummy like me, I hope they'll help you too.  The first is Goody's Spin Pins. They are AMAZING. As a girl who was never at one with her bobby pins, I've never made a bun that wasn't just secured at the base with an elastic, which works, but you can see it and it always makes your hair stand away from your head, like a mushroom. The spin pins work great, you only need to twist them into a bun and they hold and don't show at all, it's like magic!  The only drawback is that they are a little pricey, around $7 for a set of two but I found mine at a local grocery store for $4.50.  I'm looking forward to using mine to do more hair stuff and maybe checking out the French twist thingy that Goody makes too!

The other cool trick I found was this video tutorial.  I like curling my hair...well, not really, I like having curled hair.  I'm lazy and I don't like how much time it takes to put in curlers or the potential for burns from a curling iron.  This is literally the easiest way I've ever curled my hair overnight and the most comfortable.  The drawback of this one is that the curls on the back of my head are weak to non-existent.  You could always curl the back later or add curlers. Or like me, just figure "out of sight, out of mind" no one is going to be staring at the back of my head anyway!

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