Thursday, August 4, 2011

Getting ready for: Ren Faire

Hey peeps! Sorry for my absence this week, I've been using up my free time trying to finish a costume for the Bristol Renaissance Faire.  I'm going this weekend for the first time ever! I thought that I would be wearing a corset I made a few years ago (when I was a teensy-bit slimmer), but somehow wearing a corset that now has 4 inches in waist reduction doesn't sound like any fun in 80 degree weather!  It's more of a "standing-still-and-marveling-at how-small-your-waist-looks costume" rather than a "walking-around-in costume" :-P So I need to finish a chemise and a looser bodice in one day...think it's possible?! I hope so! 

Have you guys ever gone to a Ren Faire? Any suggestions for a newbie?  What would you recommend for shoes?

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