Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Recipe: I'm Lidia Bastianich!

I don't have cable at my apartment so I watch a lot of 1) Netflix and 2) Boring old broadcast TV.  I usually like PBS the best and they now have a "Create" channel that has cooking and crafting and travel stuff on it.  One of my fave shows is Lidia's Italy, a cooking show, in which the host Lidia Bastianich makes Italian food that I drool over.

Tomatoes for the Sauce

I usually just watch the show and reminisce about my short stay in Italy and the great food I had while I was there, but when I saw one particular episode I knew I needed to make the recipe.  She made a yummy looking sauce and pasta....FROM SCRATCH! I've never made my own pasta by hand before but it looked like a lot of fun so my boyfriend and I recreated it and it was DELICIOUS! It was even better as leftovers. MMMM. While you're making it, you have to shout, "I'm Lidia Bastianch!" It's part of the magic. :-P

Doughball made of Semolina
Noodle chunks (make yours smaller!)
Making the "Gnocchi-like" Pasta
Mangia! Mangia!

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