Friday, October 7, 2011

Project: Flower Headband

I had a wedding to go to last weekend and I really wanted a cute headband to wear, so my boyfriend and I made a special trip to Target to pick one up.  I was super disappointed though.  I couldn't find one that was exactly what I wanted and the one that I liked the best was already falling apart (and still cost $9).  So I decided I could make one... at the last minute!

I just used stuff I had lying around: headband, lace, ribbon, beads from an old necklace, so technically my version is "free" ;)  I whipped it up with just a little thread while I watched Howl's Moving Castle.

The flower is made using this tutorial. (Mute your computer! Loud music :-P)

I think it turned out pretty good! What do you think?

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