Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 8: More is More

Today is blazer day in blogland.  I decided to mix together as much stuff as possible and hope for the best.  I think it turned out alright except I had to take off that necklace at lunch, the thing weighs a ton and was aggravating this headache that's been lingering for 3 days!

giggling at the photographer is a must if it's your boyfriend.
p.s. I know I haven't been posting all my outfits, but I have been keeping with the rules. Hopefully I'll be doing a recap of the outfits I missed soon.

[[Scarf (H&M London, £8?), Vintage Necklace (Estate Sale, gift), Black Blazer (Old Navy $4), Wave Stripe Tee (Forever 21 $15), Striped Skinnies (H&M London, £15), Woven Leather Belt (Thrifted, $1)]]


  1. i like the critter on the top of the couch.

  2. Love this look, It looks great. The necklaces look really interesting too

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  3. A headache from the necklace? Yikes! That blazer was a steal though, at Old Navy. That should put your mind at ease ;)

    The Auspicious Life

  4. lingering headaches are no good, that's for sure. i love the carefree toss of that pretty scarf over your shoulder here. a fun touch to a more structured blazer look.