Monday, February 7, 2011

Project: Baby Octopus!

This little guys is based on the same pattern as Toofis, except he is sized down to somewhere around 85% making him just a little baby.  I'm also working on a 75% micro-baby as well.  If all goes to plan I'm going to have this little fellow up for adoption in my etsy shop soon. 

I'm definitely learning as I go with these projects.  I printed some tags to put on the octopuses rear-ends with my name on it, but unfortunately I found out AFTER I sewed them on that they aren't water-proof and will bleed and disappear if wetted (I don't think that they would damage the plushie at all, it will just get impossible to read since the ink washes out!).  I think that they are ok for the ones that I put them on, but the NEW plan is to get some iron-on transfer paper to use instead.

Anyway, enough of my rambling!

Species: Octopus cyanea
Common Name: 'Day Octopus' or 'Cyane's Octopus'
Nickname: Lil' Blue

Lil' Blue is just a baby now, but he has big dreams.  He practices his singing everyday, which sounds a lot like high-pitched squeaking now, but he hopes that when he grows up he can be the bassist and lead singer in his own metal band called "The Kraken." Until then he'll play tambourine and sing along to "Octopus's Garden" when it comes on the radio.

Materials: Felt, Anti-pill fleece, Cotton print, Polyfil
Hand and Machine Sewn with LOVE.

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  1. this is absolutely adorable!!!!!!