Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 3: Nutella on Homemade Bread.

That's what I ate for breakfast...jealous?!  Yesterday I made fresh bread to bring over to my boyfriend and my friends' place to eat with soup and watch Groundhogs Day.  I kept the second loaf of bread for myself! Too bad for them I learned about generosity and kindness AFTER watching the movie. Mwahahaha!

Still super snowy out there today, so I didn't really wear these shoes out-n-about, I've still got my snow boots on. I also didn't get a good picture of my necklace in these shots, so here is one that shows it a little better.  It was a pretty awesome find, so I want to show it off!

I forgot to take a picture of the bread...and my Marie skirt. So stay tuned for those gems tomorrow!

[[Cloche (Kohls, $6), White Bauble Cardi (TJ Maxx, gift), Patterned Bow neck (Maurice's $6), Vintage Watch/Locket Necklace (Church Rummage Sale $1), Jeans (Levis $21), Black Mary Janes (Payless, $15 bogo)]]


  1. What kind of bread did you make? I'm very inexperienced with breadmaking, but I would love to fill my home with the smell of fresh bread!

  2. It's the white bread from the Ultimate Cookbook:

    It's actually a pretty good resource for a bunch of common recipes. This bread recipe is the best I've made, it comes together really easily without having a big gloopy mess. This time I baked it in the oven with a pan of water on the bottom rack and brushed the loaf with beaten egg, this makes it really crusty and shiny. It made a pretty loaf, but I'm not sure that I would do that again to the recipe since the bread itself is a little too delicate for a heavy crust. I'll post more details tomorrow!

  3. i am in LOVE with your neckalce! i'm on the hunt for one just like mean AFTER the no-shopping ban. of course. (there aren't any 30x30 police lurking around your blog, are there? phew.) and i love the whimsy but still total chicness of the bowler hat with this ensemble. you look great!
    -brittney (fellow remixer!)