Friday, February 4, 2011

Recipe Tips: Home Baked Bread

Yum Yum, nothing like the smell, or taste of fresh made bread, is there? I'm sorry that I can't share this recipe since I don't own it, but if you'd like it, it's included in the book The Ultimate Cookbook, which I recommend.

The only modifications to the original recipe I made were after the second raising.  I brushed the loaves with beaten egg and made shallow slashes with a sharp knife (these were mostly for aesthetic reasons).  I also put a pan of water on the bottom rack while I baked them to make the bread extra crusty.

P.S. This recipe seems sort of close, at least in terms of ingredients.


  1. Recipes can't be copyrighted. If they could, the cookbook industry wouldn't be this massive thing. I learned that in library school. So you coouuld repost it if you wanted. Just sayin'.

  2. Mmm, love the smell of fresh bread! But I'm lazy, so maybe I"ll just walk to a bakery?