Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Project: Coffee Date Dress

Here it is!  My Coffee Date Dress is made out of a $1 thrift store dress, a Pierre Cardin if you must know.  It was made of a denimy, twill 100% cotton thing.

I made a muslin of the bodice before I cut into my good fabric, I brought down the bust darts slightly and took in the waist, but I didn't take it in enough! It took some finagling to get the buttons to work in the front and I had to make a faux princess seam to accommodate them. 

I think that I will need to take in the waist a little.  I also think that it is a little long, but my boyfriend says he likes it.

Clipping in the extra ease.

All in all I'm generally pleased with the way this dress came out.  I will need to take it in slightly, otherwise I will need to keep it clipped in the back like a mannequin. I would definitely use the pattern again, with some additional modifications and will probably use a more flattering/less skin-like color!


  1. Great job, infinitely better than the original! Try taking the extra ease out by adjusting the side seams AND darts a little bit. Also even though the dress is button up make sure you leave enough ease to sit down comfortably. Oh and how about dyeing the dress, even tea dyeing would change it up a bit and make it antiquey looking. It looks great though and I've been wanting to try this pattern too :)

  2. That dress looks so good! I'm really impressed.

  3. Ok totally worried that my 'advice' was not warranted. Hope you don't mind me putting my two pennies worth in?

  4. Not at all! Thanks for your guidance. I just haven't had any time to implement any changes yet! I'll let you all know how it finally turns out (if it's not a disaster!).