Thursday, June 2, 2011

Elastic-Waist Sundress Pattern FOUND!

So, I was looking at some patterns in my stash and came across this one (ok, actually the "Stitch 'n' Save" version of this pattern, but they are exactly the same), and thought, what if this dress had plain straps instead of a ruffle and the skirt was a little less flouncy?  It would look a lot like that Old Navy dress I was talking about, right? It even has an elastic waist and everything!

My work trip is fast approaching and I haven't accomplished even close to what I was hoping to, but maybe when I get back I'll have time to whip up one of these babies...after the million other projects I have planned! I went shopping with my mom to Joanns and Hancock Fabrics over the holiday weekend and I bought way too much! $1 pattern sales! $1 a yard fabric! 50¢ a yard fabric! Oh my!

I picked up some knits for $1 a yard and two knit patterns to try, I haven't sewn a knit in a long time, and remember getting frustrated with it on my regular sewing machine.  I don't foresee a serger in my future either, anyone have any tips on sewing knits on a "straight stitch" machine?  I have heard about people using loose, long length straight stitches, or using the zig-zag or stretch stitch, do you use a special technique? I'm all ears! :D


  1. My stretch stitch on my machine looks really bad so I just stretch the actual fabric when I'm pulling it through with either a straight or zigzag stitch. You may want to test on a scrap first.

    Oh and I bought a serger a while back and barely used it. Unless it has a top stitch function, don't bother. Good luck! :)

  2. A wide zig zag usually works ok if you can get the tension right and you sew slowly... :-)