Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Look 6457: Complete!

Hey guys, remember this

I actually finished this dress a few weeks ago, but haven't taken the time to post about it.  Yeah, I'm lazy :-p

I used a cotton that I bought at JoAnns and sewed it up in only a few evenings.  I think that the fit turned out ok, I went down a size to 14 rather than 16, which was supposed fit my actual bust measurement, and even a size smaller it was big enough that I had some extra to take in when I put in the zipper.  I don't really know how they expect the strapless version of this dress to stay on someone if they make the size that matches their measurements!

(For those of you who don't sew clothes, pattern sizing is just as confusing as buying ready to wear at the store, except that the measurements for the standard sizes are a few decades old and so what you might know as a current Gap or Old Navy size 8 is a pattern size 14.  It it humbling to wear something that is a few sizes "bigger" than what you normal wear!)

The dress came together quite easily, my few complaints are that the band above the bust stands away from the body somewhat when you move, which I don't like, and that the front panel of the princess seam seems too wide and makes the seam not go over the apex of my bust.

I added a bodice lining out of plain muslin, which the pattern didn't call for, but made it so I wouldn't need to wear a slip underneath.

I highly recommend the pattern for new seamsters, as it comes together pretty quickly and easily without any tricks.  It would also be easy to add personalized embellishments like patterned bands above the bust and on the skirt hem, or even pockets!

Ignore my scrunchy, sun-staring face in these photos.  Sunset sure is beautiful... and bright!

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