Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nail Addict: Flakies

Ok, so after being nailpolish abstinent for several years, I'm back full-swing! Being an art major generally uglifies your hands so pretty nails never lasted long and my summer job outlawed polish. But now I'm addicted you guys, it's not even funny. D:

So when I saw THIS awesomeness on F* Yeah Nail Art, I knew, "I MUST HAVE IT!"

Flakies might be old news to some of ya'll but I didn't know anything about them, the flakes turn different prismatic colors depending on the base coat and are just plain amazing.  These photos from The Nailphile show the many variations of a single polish, Nubar 2010, on different base colors. I looked everywhere in my small town yesterday to hunt some down to no avail so I broke down and bought some online.

My nail-talented friend Nikki also got some totally amazing MAGNETIC POLISH. It's like a beautiful Magnadoodle on your fingers! What will they think of next, huh?

Are you going crazy with nail envy right now? I can't wait until my sparklies come in the mail!

ALSO, I got featured at MintChocolately, a cute little blog just starting out.  So head over there and show some love!

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