Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm Loving: Japanese Craft Books

Why are Japanese craft books so dang cute? Everything in them is so perfect and adorable and I just want to make absolutely everything! Unfortunately, I don't live near a bookstore that carries them so I just lust over them on the internet.

I feel like American/English craft books just don't have the same level of adorableness. I have bought Aranzi Aronzo's Cute Dolls and Fun Dolls (speaking of which, I should do a review of them...) which were translated to English with the cute still intact.

I also just ordered "Palm-Size Stuffies" in Japanese because the English version, "Palm-Size Softies," totally uglified the designs. The doggies go from the cutest thing on earth to some kind if 70's-era bug-eyed creeper! Yikes!

I can't wait until my book comes in the mail so I can start creating! (I hope it won't matter that I can't read even a tiny bit of Japanese XD ) What are your favorite craft books?

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