Thursday, September 29, 2011

Class: Got my Materials!

I've gotten all the materials for the Bombshell Course I was talking about here. I picked up most of my stuff at Hancock fabrics. I ended up getting plastic boning even though Gretchen recommends spiral steel.  I think I'll go the somewhat cheaper route on this first one, partly becuase I overspent for Halloween. :-P

I got the lining, cotton: white with teal flowers, at Hancock very cheap ($2 a yd.) because it had a stain going all through the bolt, but when I washed it the stain came out! Yay for laundry detergent! I got the shell fabric, mystery blend, possibly cotton/linen/synthetic?, at the thrift store really cheap because it was 50% off day.  It looks darker in real life, less vibrant. I'm hoping that the fabric is casual enough that I will be able to wear this dress for work, with a cardigan of course!

I'm to the muslin construction step, but I've been so busy I've kinda stalled on the project.  Hopefully I'll get some time Sunday to work. Fingers crossed!

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