Monday, January 23, 2012

Finished Project: Colette Pastille Variation

Yup, I made another one! But I bet you wouldn't recognize it as Pastille if I didn't tell you.

I took the Pastille pattern that I fitted for my last dress and made a couple of modifications.  First of all I took off the cap sleeves, I did that by just drawing a new outline for the armscye.  I should have also taken the outer shoulder down about 1/2 inch but I didn't. I'll do it next time though.

Then I drafted a peter pan collar by following Caitlin Clark's tutorial (Caitlin from Colette Patterns) here: The Story Girl.  I then added contrasting piping to the edge of the collar and to the waistline.  This is the very first time I've ever used piping.  I think it looks really cute!

I also modified the bust darts using the method Gertie shows here: Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing. I fit this part to my body as I sewed it but I forgot to take into account that the skirt would pull the bodice down slightly so I feel like the darts are a little low, something I'll fix on my pattern for the next time.

On the back I extended the waist darts about 1.5 inches and I think it took out a lot of the excess fabric that was on my earlier version. (Again, ignore the wrinkles! I was sitting on the skirt at work) It's still a little weird back here but I've given up on caring!

Finally, I added a dirndl skirt. for this I just cut rectangles the width of my fabric by 23" inches high and sewed them together and gathered to attach to the bodice.  I think this version turned out pretty darn cute! Now I'm debating whether I want to make another one or to move on to my Colette Peony I just got in the mail...


  1. Oh sweet! I'm developing a real thing for Peter Pan collars.

  2. oh how I love this. It is very much like a version of the Burda dress in their recent book. Beautiful!