Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lesson: Correct Measurements Make a BIG Difference!

As some of you guys might know I'm in "Wedding-mode" for the next year or so as I plan my wedding! Anyway, I went in to try on some wedding dresses and my consultant took my measurements. Measurements that are approximately 3-5 inches SMALLER than the measurements I thought I was. I was shocked! I have lost some weight from being sick, but I usually try to take measurements before my projects, so I didn't think I would be off by THAT much.

All of a sudden things are making a lot more sense, why I'm having weird fitting issues with EVERYTHING, why things turn out too big even when I calculate my size using finished measurements.  Since I've gotten my TRUE measurements taken the 3 dresses I've made are the best fitting I've ever created.  Let this be a lesson for all of us: Get your correct measurements taken, it makes a BIG difference!

I haven't been too photogenic recently, but I'll hopefully be re-wearing my recent projects soon and I'll convince the fiance to snap some pictures! The patterns I used were Burda 3/2011 #109 and Butterick 5601, both patterns that I would recommend and would like to use again. I also think that I'll tackle Colette Chantilly this weekend before summer slips away from me!

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