Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Introducing: The Bouncing Belly Button!

Hi guys!

Long time no see! I'm currently working on some small, beginner-level plush patterns to put in my Etsy store. I'm hoping that they will be useful as quick, easy stocking stuffer gifts for those of us who are still searching for the perfect thing for that special someone!

My first release is the Bouncing Belly Button Mouse Pattern.  The pattern is illustrated, so it is very easy to follow along. I can make one of these guys in about an hour-or-so. With a little time and practice you could have a whole basket full of these guys made in time for the holidays!

There are FOUR different sizes included, Mini (80%), Small (90%), Medium (100%), and JUMBO (110%)! Stuff a mini with catnip for your kitty or make a Jumbo as a fun toy for a toddler!

I hope to be publishing some more easy-level patterns before the month is over, so keep checking!

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